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Samantha Peck announced as a winner of The Samuel Neff Fellowship for International Studies Scholarship

Posted by Amy Vaughn on Tue, Jan 15, 2019

The Community Foundation for Crawford County announces Samantha Peck as a 2019 scholarship winner for The Samuel Neff Fellowship for International Studies Scholarship.


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Samantha is a 2017 graduate of Wynford High School and is currently a sophomore at Wittenberg University. Her intended major is early childhood education, and she plans on becoming an elementary school teacher.

Samantha will be one of a group of Wittenberg students participating in the Witt in Witt program and spending the spring semester in Wittenberg, Germany. There, she will complete two internships and study several different topics, including science, geology and of course, the German language. The students will also have the opportunity to travel to other European countries during their stay.

“I chose this program as I always wanted to travel to Europe to see how the environment is different than the United States,” said Samantha. “I hope to learn the German language, how Germans celebrate traditions and their culture. Also, I am currently at a preschool … where each student has different backgrounds. …I think that traveling to a completely different area that has a completely different background will help me become an even better teacher in the long run.”

The Samuel Neff Fellowship for International Studies was established with the Foundation in 1999. During the one hundred years they were associated with the Bucyrus community, Samuel Neff and his family were actively involved with the larger world around them. Neff's descendants believe it is appropriate that the recipients are internationally-minded young men or women excited about engaging in a significant international experience that they are willing to share with others. This scholarship is intended for any Crawford County High School student or graduate of any Crawford County High School who is pursuing an educational experience outside the United States. Exchange programs set up by other organizations, like Rotary or college semesters abroad, are applicable for this award.

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