Your Foundation for the Future

Our Vision :

Bridging philanthropy with causes that improve Crawford County's quality of life.

Our Mission :

To support collaborative, impactful and philanthropic leadership that provides quality and lasting investments in our community, now and for generations to come.


The Community Foundation for Crawford County is a permanent, tax-exempt, public charitable foundation established to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Crawford County. Started with the help of The Timken Foundation in 1984, it is a vehicle by which individuals, group and corporations may channel contributions to the community.  The CF4CC works diligently to fulfill our mission of improving life in the Crawford County community by:

Awarding grants to charitable organizations, schools and municipalities within our designated geographic area.  These grants will provide help in areas of education, health and human services, youth and recreational activities, economic development, environmental improvements, the arts, cultural and civic programs and other valuable community programs.

Helping donors decide the best and most effective way to meet their charitable wishes.

Providing leadership in helping the community to meet its ongoing and demanding community needs.

Managing our investments to ensure the continuation and growth of the Community Foundation for Crawford County's asset base.  With the help of multiple professional investment advisors, the CF4CC is able to offer a safe method for both protecting and growing our assets.

Sponsoring Special Projects where we work with community groups and organizations to help dreams become reality.