Agencies Supporting Crawford County

What is an Agency Endowment?

An agency endowment is a type of designated fund established by a charity at a community foundation for the charity's own benefit or the benefit of a related entity.  For example, an art museum transfers funds to a community foundation to establish a fund that will provide annual distributions to the art museum for its own use.

Unique Resource for Crawford County Charities

The agency endowment is a unique tool for a not-for-profit to provide a safe and established vehicle to grow its endowment funds.  By placing the endowments with The Community Foundation for Crawford County, the agency's fund has the benefit of the financial advisors, oversight and size of the Foundation's endowment fund.

Donations to these funds can be made at any time by cash contributions, bequests in wills or other financial planning methods.

Agency Funds at The Community Foundation for Crawford County

Income from agency funds are not distributed until the fund value reaches $25,000.  An agency endowment has been started for the agencies below, but it has not yet reached the $25,000 goal.

You may contribute to these funds via our online donation vehicle, or you may contact the Foundation office with questions.