Endowment Funds Support Your Community

The Community Foundation for Crawford County provides for many types of endowment funds for community organizations:  Agency Endowments, School Endowments, Designated Endowments, and Field of Interest Funds.

The CF4CC Endowment is an Undesignated Fund. This means that donations to the CF4CC are used to award competitive grants for educational and community service non-profit organizations within Crawford County. 

An Agency Endowment is a type of designated fund established by a charity at a community foundation for the charity's own benefit or the benefit of a related entity.  For example, an art museum transfers funds to a community foundation to establish a fund that will provide annual distributions to the art museum for its own use.  Learn more about the Crawford County Ohio Agency Endowments with the Community Foundation for Crawford County.

Fund Guidelines

  • Donors will meet with CF4CC representatives to sign a contract of understanding that specifies the fund type being established, fund name, and initial contribution amount.
  • Minimum contributions are dependant on the type of fund being started. The CF4CC is flexible however and will gladly work with a donor, family, or organization to establish and manage the fund until it reaches the minimum requirements.
  • An annual administrative fee is charged for the management of the fund. The fee structure will vary from 1.0% to 1.5%, depending on size and type of the fund being established.
  • The Board of Trustees of the CF4CC has the responsibility of overseeing the investments of the fund. It is the goal of the Board to achieve a balance of fixed income with equities to provide a steady source of income that will keep pace with inflation over the years.
  • The organization is informed upon receipt of the annual check of precisely which fund has contributed. The CF4CC routinely publicizes all grant-making awards, including the name of the Funds distributing money. Named funds are also mentioned regularly in our annual newsletters, financial reports, and other promotional materials.