2021 #CrawfordForGood Results Facebook Post

Thanks to all who donated, our event and the participating nonprofits were able to raise $11,245.70 for #CrawfordForGood. All eligible donations were matched $0.77 per dollar from a pro-rated matching pool of $8,000 generously offered by our Board of Trustees and Park National Bank.  The overall total for our event was $19,245.70 and will all be going directly back to the nonprofits who raised it. AMAZING!



To download a chart that breaks down the giving by organization, please click here.



#CrawfordForNow Thank you FB Post

A huge ''Thank You' to our local nonprofits, their fundraisers and donors, and our pro-rated matching fund sponsors. #CrawfordForGood was ONLY a success because of your support! #DoGoodForGood