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2018 Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Gregory Marsano

Posted by Amy Vaughn on Mon, Jul 02, 2018

The Community Foundation for Crawford County is pleased to introduce Gregory Marsano, a 2018 recipient of one of the two Dr. Laurie Anne Rhodebeck Memorial Scholarship awards.


Marsano, Gregory webpic

Gregory, the son of Scott Hutcheson and Linda Marsano, is a 2012 graduate of Crestline High School. He will be attending Vermont Law School and is entering his second year of a master’s degree in environmental law and policy.

Gregory’s undergraduate studies opened his eyes to the importance of our environment. “As an undergraduate student, I studied both philosophy and environmental science. This interdisciplinary, liberal arts education opened my eyes to how valuable and important our natural resources are, and that we are responsible for our impacts on our environment,” stated Gregory. “When graduation came around, I opted to go into the workforce before considering a graduate degree.” The 2016 election sparked Gregory’s desire to enter a graduate program. “It wasn’t until the 2016 election that I realized I needed to enter the policy arena and become more critically involved in the democratic process,” he explained. “The flexibility of Vermont Law’s Environmental Law Program caught my attention, and so I enrolled in January of 2017.” After graduation, Gregory plans to make a difference. “My plans are to work with a government agency, non-profit, or NGO [non-governmental organization] in order to improve the sustainable management of our public lands, water, and air. Ultimately, I hope to gain a position as an environmental policy collaborator to work with all environmental stakeholders in creating and proposing pragmatic, effective environmental laws and regulations.”

Congratulations and good luck in the future, Gregory!

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