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2023 Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Tyler  Bishop

Posted by Rachel Jarvis on Tue, Sep 19, 2023

Tyler Bishop  The Community Foundation for Crawford County is pleased to introduce Tyler  Bishop, a 2023 recipient of one of the 19 Doug and Renee Leuthold Scholarship  awards, one of the nine Glen and Alice Beers Scholarship awards, and one of  the 19 Margaret and Donald Wenner, MD Scholarship awards.

 Tyler, the son of Scott Bishop and Erica Halm, is a 2020 graduate of Bucyrus  High School. He is in his fourth year of a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical  Engineering at University of Toledo.



What is your favorite aspect of college life?

“My favorite aspect of college life is the people. I have made so many influential personal and professional relationships during my time in Toledo. Not only is campus very diverse, but I have met several people with similar interests to myself.”

What new interest or courses of study have you discovered at college?

“Spikeball is an outdoor activity and sport that I had never heard of before starting college. One of my freshman year roommates introduced the rest of us, and we played nearly every day for the rest of that year. During sophomore year, we decided to start an official university club for the sport. We have now been an active club for nearly two years, and we have competed against several other colleges in and near Ohio including Ohio State, Kent State, Purdue, Ohio University, and many more.”

In what ways has the college experience changed/improved you?

“College has helped me open up to trying new things. When I first moved to campus, I was very hesitant to join a club or talk to other students on campus. Since freshman year, I have branched out and made many new experiences. I’m grateful for all of the new people I’ve met and things I’ve tried.”

What advice would you give an incoming college freshman?

“I would tell an incoming freshman to put themselves out there and experience college for all that it can provide. There are so many people and activities at any college, and many of them are also looking for new people to meet.”

What is one item on your bucket list?

“If possible, I would like to obtain an internship somewhere out of state. So far, my internships have been in Cleveland and Perrysburg. I think it would be fun to experience traveling for a semester on an internship.”


Congratulations and good luck in the future, Tyler!

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