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CF4CC Trustee Spotlight - Valerie Sanderson

Posted by Liz Dolan on Thu, Apr 21, 2016

To celebrate Community Foundation Week 2016, we are spotlighting individuals who serve on our Board of Trustees. We would like to thank these community members for their dedication to help us provide direction for the future of Bucyrus and Crawford County.

valerie sandersonValerie Sanderson

Many of my peers left the Crawford County area for college. Several landed professional positions and settled elsewhere, and are now struggling to afford the city life while paying high rent and repaying debt, unable to save for a wedding or start a family.

Fortunately on a modest income, Crawford County remains affordable and is geographically accessible to short term needs that are not met locally, such as an escape to Columbus for the day. A short trip to the nearby Wal-Mart is not an inconvenience; consider the lack of traffic jams, traffic lights and free parking a blessing. As is lack of 4G cell phone coverage and the gadgets that run on these services. Our raising standard of living has distorted our perception of what is necessary in life. Basic needs like housing, dining and daycare are still quite manageable on a two-parent budget in this area.

I am involved in a second & third generation family business. While the survival rate of third generation family firms in the United States is estimated to be only 11-15%, I believe that this is likely higher in Crawford County. This can be attributed to the proud locals who value family, show care and concern for one another and the future of Crawford County. The same is true of the CF4CC and its donors who value investment in their community.

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