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Project: Protect & Preserve

Posted by Janet Pry on Thu, Jun 20, 2013

Fountain and Crossroads of America MuralThe "Great American Crossroads" and "Lady Liberty" murals are both in need of restoration. The Great American Crossroads mural at Millennium Park last required some restoration eight years ago. Most of this was paid for from the maintenance fund managed by the Bucyrus Area Community Foundation.

Due to the inherent makeup of the mortar and its reaction to moisture and the elements, some effervescence occurs in the mortar strike joints of the Crossroads mural every year. This year, a since-repaired leak in the roof of the adjacent building accelerated the effervescence. The moisture cause significant peeling in the strike joints in spite of the currect ventilation fixtures in the wall. 

Liberty Remembers MuralThe mural "Liberty Remembers" has not required any repair or maintenance work until now.  She has suffered some water damage when loose spouting on the building allowed water to pool in front of the mural. The water "wicked" up into the wall material and damaged abouot a foot and a half at the bottom of the painting. The spouting has been repaired, but the damaged areas of the mural need to be removed, repaired, and repainted.

Mural artist Eric Grohe has time available to come to Bucyrus and tackle the extensive repainting process. He is due to arrive at the end of June to begin painting repairs. It is hoped that the repairs and repainting will be completed in time for the Bratwurst Festival.

The estimated cost for the mural repairs and repainting is $25,000.00.  The mural maintenance fund is insufficient for a project this large, and the Foundation needs your help.

These murals are a source of great pride and celebrity for Bucyrus and Crawford County; they have added great historic and patriotic value to our community. Our Bucyrus murals have been featured in magazines and newspapers, on websites, and in documentary films around the world.

Please make a check out to the Bucyrus Area Community Foundation (or BACF) with "Mural" in the memo line. You may also contribute through our donation page on this website (listed as Project: Protect & Preserve). All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt from the BACF. All donations will go directly to the repairs of the mural.

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